InductFlow RED Passive Induction Chamber

Product Number: IR-3006, IR-3005

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SOMNI Scientific’s InductFlow Passive Style Induction Chambers are designed to be used with a Waste Anesthetic Gas Charcoal Filter(WG-15003).

The InductFlow chambers are constructed of a Red Tinted Acrylic and are shatter-resistant. The red tint allows for users to see in but does not allow for subject to see out.  This creates a less stressful environment for the subject.  Unlike a “hinge lid” the slide top allows for one handed operation and keeps gases from being “drawn” into the workplace when chamber is opened.  Inlet and outlet holes are located on the back and labeled for ease of use and simplicity.

A removable floor liner is included with the InductFlow chambers and can be removed for ease of cleaning.  This provides a clean environment for mice/rats to stand on while in chamber.

The InductFlow Passive Style Chambers are available in 2 sizes; Medium and Large.

Additional information

Small Dimensions

Length: 4.25 in
Width: 4.25 in
Height: 4.25 in

Medium Dimensions

Length: 9.25 in
Width: 4.25 in
Height: 4.65 in

Large Dimensions

Length: 11.75 in
Width: 6 in
Height: 5.75 in